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Mother facing sentencing after inflicting skull fracture on child in The Villages

Jessica Leigh Lewis
Jessica Leigh Lewis

A mother is facing sentencing after inflicting a skull fracture on her young daughter at a home in The Villages.

Jessica Leigh Lewis, 36, is scheduled to be sentenced later this month in Lake County Court on a charge of aggravated child abuse in connection with a 2018 incident which occurred on the Historic Side of The Villages.

Lewis had taken her child to Nemour’s Children’s Hospital in Orlando where it was determined the child had suffered a skull fracture. The Department of Children and Families was contacted and launched an investigation. A doctor also confirmed the child had several fractures in various stages of healing on the legs, right arm and ribs.

During an investigation, Lewis’ grandmother told police that her great-grandchild “seemed to cry a lot” and “Jessica was annoyed by her crying.” The great-grandmother dismissed it, telling police that it is “normal for an infant to cry a lot.”

Lewis had been released from a Florida prison in 2017 after serving time on drug charges as well as a grand theft charge. Her grandmother allowed Lewis to move in with her on Saint Andrew’s Boulevard upon her release from prison.

Lewis, while free on bond in the child abuse case, drained her grandmother’s bank account of more than $100,000. The grandmother was 98 at the time.

Lewis had linked her PayPal account to her grandmother’s bank account. Lewis used money from the account to pay for phone calls to her boyfriend who was being held at the Marion County Jail on a federal drug charge. Lewis also put money in his commissary account at the jail. 

Lewis has pleaded no contest in that case. She will be sentenced on a charge of grand theft from a person over the age of 65.

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