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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Biden’s dementia

To the Editor:

I’m not a mental health doctor but I have the ability to recognize symptoms of dementia. Our President, Joe Biden, recently, during a speech, called on a deceased congresswoman to identify herself in the audience. This is after he had sent his condolences after learning about her death days before.
This follows several demented instances too numerous to mention here.
Eminent psychiatrists including a former White House doctor have come public with their concerns about President Biden’s mental stability. This man has his finger on the nuclear button. He must make life and death decisions. Decisions that could bring the world to a catastrophic nuclear war.
How about his backup, Vice President Harris? She just announced a strategic partnership with … wait for it….The little Rocketman, communist North Korea. She said these words on the border of North and South Korea. It can’t be honestly argued that she has performed most of her duties in anywhere near a competent level. She is after all the “Border Czar” and we have the most porous border in history with well over two million illegal aliens now living off our tax money.
When we vote in November we need to stop the destruction reaped upon our nation by the democrats. Highest inflation, gas prices, crime ad nauseum are happening and exacerbated under their watch. We can change that in November.
BRW for those of you who still want to vote democrat, see if you still agree to do so when one of the 80,000 new IRS agents alights upon your recent tax returns.
I expect we will hear from “ granny” and other ad hominem attackers in this forum defend President Biden and blame this all on President Trump.

Larry Moran
Village of Mallory Square


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