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Villager charged with trying to kill wife who ‘ruined’ his life

George Albert Hachey
George Albert Hachey

A Villager has been charged with trying to his kill wife who he claimed “ruined” his life.

George Albert Hachey, 72, allegedly stabbed his wife 12 times on the morning of Sept. 28 at their home in the Village of De La Vista North.

Hachey’s 68-year-old wife was able to call 911, after being stabbed in the legs, abdomen and chest.

“Don’t let me die,” she implored Sumter County sheriff’s deputies, who kicked open a bedroom door and found her on the floor of the home she shared with her husband on San Marino Drive.

Deputies had entered the home after breaking a sliding glass door when no one responded to the door bell.

The wife gave deputies “a dying declaration,” indicating it was her husband who had stabbed her.

She said he had told her, “You’ve ruined my life, and now I’m going to end yours.” She was wearing underwear and a yellow shirt when she was stabbed in the bathroom. She was able to crawl to a bedroom where she called for help. She survived the attack.

Deputies found Hachey in a recliner in the living room. He had inflicted “deep cuts” on his wrists and across his throat, using the same pocket knife he had used to stab his wife. A paramedic who helped transport Hachey to Ocala Regional Medical Center, told deputies that Hachey told him, “I just tried killing my wife. I don’t want help, I want to die.”

While the Rhode Island native was in the hospital, a warrant was obtained for his arrest.

He is facing a charge of attempted murder and was being held without bond at the Sumter County Detention Center.

Hachey’s wife filed for divorce on Aug. 29, according to a Sumter County Court record. Hachey filed a counter petition for divorce on Sept. 19.

The couple purchased their home in 2016 for $265,000.

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