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The Villages
Wednesday, November 30, 2022

DeSantis using Hurricane Ian to raise his national profile

To the Editor:

We are seeing a lot of Gov. DeSantis in the media. We shouldn’t be confused. He is running for re-election and aspires to run for president. Anything he does in the wake of Hurricane Ian should be viewed as performative gamesmanship. Based on what we’ve seen, it is safe to say that this administration is about power and control. There is no reason to believe the devastating storms of this season will somehow lead to better treatment of the vulnerable. In a word, do not mistake DeSantis for a hero. He has demonstrated a vindictiveness and cruelty that is more suited for a movie villain than a duly elected leader in a democracy.
As Gov. DeSantis garners media attention, there is no need to suggest that the storm is a make-or-break moment. He has been tested before and has consistently failed. We should not assist DeSantis in creating a false narrative about who is; the people who were vulnerable before Hurricane Ian, remain vulnerable today. Floridians do not need posturing; we need substantive help.

Rev. Rhonda Thomas
Faith in Florida


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