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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Angry people strike out in angry ways

To the Editor:

Started this morning with a cup of hot coffee and opening the Villages-News. In a flash, I was drawn to a featured Letters to the Editor which appeared to be a tirade by Larry Moran sharing his critical thinking. The essence: the USA is in unprecedented danger because our President is without question, suffering severe dementia.
I’m a curious guy. So, I did a some quick research.
Let’s start with Dementia. What is it? Most characterize as including a severe memory disorder that contributes to personality changes and significantly impaired reasoning. Memory disorders are not occasional forgetfulness or a somewhat crazy slip of the tongue; that’s all normal. Example: accidently calling my son by my dog’s name is not a memory disorder; just embarrassing. Memory disorder is an inability to conduct daily living without posing a danger to yourself.
A simple GOOGLE search arms people with data to disguise their strong opinions and effectively present them as facts and conclusions on almost any topic. For example, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to combine data, rationalize logical connections, and believe they have proven a conclusion that (take your pick) Biden or Trump is obviously mentally incompetent. Try it. Do a Google Search “dumbest statements by (insert individual you despise) and you are rapidly equipped to become the intellectual showcase of enlightenment with your likeminded friends. Does restating sometimes humorous gaffs and linking them to political opinion (presented as facts) require superb intellectual capacity?
Reflecting, I could swear I’ve read something by this guy Larry Moran before? I love Google. A few taps on my computer resulted in a quick discovery that in just the past few years there are more than 45 published Letters to the Editor of Villages-News.com within just the past few years! These featured letters to the editor were not just responses; these were feature editorial published for the specific issue.
WOW! My opinion: that’s not just an opinionated reader sharing their conclusions. Villages-News.com should PAY THE MAN! Doesn’t that substantial number of featured Letters to the Editor logically mean they are actually publication endorsed editorials that represent the intended views of the publisher and are not simply a reader with an opinion to share.
Now I wondered, is there any pattern to this vast collection of Larry Moran featured Letters to the Editor. At first glance, many appear to demonstrate critical thinking (objective analysis and evaluation utilized to develop a judgement). Specifically, initial observations might conclude that this collection is more comprehensive than most reader’s letters, are robust with “data” that was connected to reach the logical conclusion.
Even a first grader would notice commonality in these over 45 featured Letters to the Editor. If it was about a Democrat, it was derogatory 100% of the time. The tone was most often angry, emotionally charged and concluded disaster was just around the corner. If it was about a Republican, it was complimentary 100% of the time. Specifically, Democrats and their leaders were literally portrayed as some combination of evil, vicious, cheaters, and are purposefully on a mission to destroy the United States of America with their Marxist supporting convictions! Local democrats (all extreme leftists) suffer and debilitating life sentence of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Conversely, Republicans and their leaders are portrayed as being treated extraordinarily poorly but uniquely capable and purpose driven and are the only hope of saving America. Statistically, would this 100% consistency support the likelihood of honest critical thinking?
Having now scanned over 45 featured Letters to the Editor by one man, I am reminded of a few concepts that mentors have shared with me. Angry people strike out in angry ways. Beware of intelligent, judgmental people who are incapable of of ever changing their minds. Communication that is emotionally charged are often simple opinions by self-righteous individuals cleverly disguising strongly held opinions and cloaking them in a perception that they have shared undeniable facts with absolute and undebatable conclusions.

David Harrison
Village of Rio Grande


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