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Voters must stand up for America in mid-term elections

Tita Dumagsa
Tita Dumagsa

The MID-TERM ELECTIONS OF 2022 are a very critical election. So much is at stake because the MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE and his PARTY have racked our country with crisis after crisis with their reckless policies and unabated irresponsible spending.

As I cast my vote on Nov.8, these are the issues uppermost on my mind and I hope they will be on yours too so we can correct the course of the WRONG DIRECTION we’ve been steered since the MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE and his PARTY took over just 19 months ago:

  • INFLATION is at a 40 year high at 8.2%. Consumer prices are up 9.1 %, the LARGEST increase in 40 years.  Under THIS Man’s WATCH, an out-of-control “stimulus” spending bill of $1.9 TRILLION passed in the dead of night WITHOUT A SINGLE REPUBLICAN vote has fueled this record surge in inflation. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I buy these days is SO EXPENSIVE!!

The INFLATION REDUCTION ACT of 2022 passed by THIS MAN and his PARTY is a big joke. Don’t get me started on its Student Loan Forgiveness provision which carries a $400 Billion price tag to us, taxpayers according to the Congressional  Budget Office.

  • 401K LOSSES-As retirees, are you as worried as I am that our 401K on average has lost 20% of its value in 2022 with an average loss according to Fidelity of $34,000? This has kept me up many a night.
  • A BROKEN SUPPLY CHAIN. Why is it so difficult to find something I need to buy these days? Even the Great AMAZON will say “No stock available”. I’m told that as far as grocery shortages go, there simply aren’t enough people to make the goods move the goods and sell the goods.  Mothers continue to complain that baby formula is still scarce.
  • FALLING REAL WAGES. Since inflation has skyrocketed, and REAL WAGES has decreased by 3.0 per cent. The PURCHASING POWER of a paycheck has gone down and can only go so far to buy groceries or gas, etc. No wonder I pay so much for groceries at checkout yet there is so little in my grocery cart!
  • SKYROCKETING GAS PRICES CAUSED BY A SELF-INFLICTED ENERGY CRISIS: Who hasn’t felt the pain at the pump? I have, every time I gas up! When THIS MAN took office, gasoline was just $2.39/gallon but he was caught in a BIG LIE on 10/28 when he claimed  that gas was over $5/gal when he took office! . Today, it is almost $5 a gallon and rising. In California gas is  almost $7/gallon .

The most stupid and regressive solutions offered to the Nation by THIS MAN and his PARTY was to sell off 50 million barrels of oil from our STRATEGIC PETROLEUM RESERVES, in a failed attempt to lower soaring gas prices to win votes in the mid-terms. This has created another National Security crisis. He’s  begged hostile Venezuela,  Iran and  OPEC to increase oil production. In just a year in Office, he and his Party turned America from an energy producer and  exporter to an energy beggar.

How did we get into this dire situation? THIS MAN and his PARTY declared WAR ON AMERICAN ENERGY in the name of their GREEN AGENDA and so called CLIMATE CHANGE. From day one in Office, he canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline and did not support other pipelines like Willow and Line 5. They have attempted to ban new American oil and gas development on Federal lands and water and imposed roadblocks on fossil fuel projects.

  • RISING CRIME: The DE-FUND POLICE MOVEMENT has caused a spike in violent crime. Under THIS MAN’s WATCH, the crime wave  hit too close to home when on 10/28, Nancy Pelosi’s  husband, Paul suffered a terrible hammer attack in their own home  which landed him in the hospital. He is expected to survive. This is reprehensible and yet , Illinois has passed the SAFE-T Act which prohibits the arrest or removal of a criminal trespasser in a home or business invasion. Will other States follow?  These soft on crime initiatives and “No Cash bail” policies have put dangerous criminals back on the streets. Attacks on police officers have risen and those killed in the line of duty is up  by  more than 50% in 2022. 
  • EDUCATION: Why are our children being taught to HATE AMERICA and given distorted values through Critical Race Theory . Parents are being told they have no rights over the curriculum that their children are taught. PARENTS BILL OF RIGHTS should be passed. Why  the focus on gender politics? These have to be stopped! 
  • OUT OF CONTROL BORDER CRISIS. Since THIS MAN and his PARTY took Office, 5 MILLION illegals and counting have been apprehended at the Border including about 100 on the FBI  Terror Watch list and with 900,000”gotaways” (eluded arrest). This TOTAL exceeds the population of 25 States!! An unknown number of terrorists who escaped detection are now in our communities. VERY SCARY!! The obvious goal is to turn these illegals to future Democratic voters.  The porous border has resulted into human as well as drug trafficking  into the U.S especially FENTANYL. which has resulted in 107,000 deaths  in 2022. FENTANYL overdose is now the leading cause of death  for adults 18-45 years of age.
  • FAILED FOREIGN POLICY. No respect for THIS MAN and America on the world stage exacerbated by his declining cognitive faculties on full display!! Our enemies like China are emboldened. Remember the disastrous debacle of the Afghanistan Withdrawal? I’m all for helping Ukraine BUT $16.9 Billion while Americans are suffering from hunger and homelessness and poverty?
  • WEAPONIZED FBI and IRS. I can’t get over the shock of the Mar-a-Largo raid and what’s what with hiring 87,000 IRS Agents? Since there are no 87,000 billionaires to audit, then it’s you and I, taxpayers  who will most probably be targeted with malicious and retaliatory audits!
  • ELECTION INTEGRITY. I am very worried there will be a redux of the 2020 stolen elections and voter fraud. I have volunteered to be a poll watcher for this mid-term election to help.

You guessed it! THIS MAN in the  White House is no other than  PRESIDENT BIDEN, and his PARTY is the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Whether one is a Democrat or Independent, if you also have the same  issues that I do, then it’s time to VOTE FOR CHANGE. WE ALL HAVE TO VOTE REPUBLICAN  this Mid-Term Elections up and down the BALLOT. Otherwise, we will all see America’s destruction and the end of freedom and democracy and the rise of socialism. 

Tita Dumagsa is a resident of the Village of Fenney.

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