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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Candidate who lost by 400 votes questions integrity of Lake County elections

A candidate who lost a GOP statehouse bid by 400 votes is questioning the integrity of the Lake County Supervisor of Elections Office.

Tom Vail spoke about his questions regarding the office of Supervisor of Elections Alan Hays at a meeting Wednesday night at Mulberry Recreation Center, organized by Villagers for Trump. It was a forum to look at possible flaws in the elections systems.

Tom Vail spoke about the Lake County Voter Integrity groups attempts to protect the integrity of elections in Lake County.
Tom Vail spoke about the Lake County Voter Integrity group’s effort to protect the integrity of elections in Lake County.

Vail lost in the four-way contest to Taylor Yarkosky, who enjoyed endorsements from Lake County Sheriff Peyton Grinnell and Lake County Commissioner Leslie Campione, among others.

After losing the statehouse race, Vail approached Hays and requested a forensic audit of the results. Hays refused.

In an attempt to get the state legislature to look at the possible problem with the mail-in vote, Vail and others in the Lake County Voter Integrity group handed out 50,000 postcards for supporters to send to their representatives, requesting that supervisors of elections perform forensic audits. His experience has led him to believe that election officials of both parties will not do anything about voter fraud, as both parties benefit from the mail-in vote.

Laura Loomer and Tom Vail
Laura Loomer and Tom Vail

Michael Levine gave an in-depth review of litigation which arose from the primary race between challenger Laura Loomer and incumbent U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster. Levine is one of four plaintiffs who sued Webster and the Florida Elections Canvassing Commission claiming that the supervisors of elections in Lake, Sumter, Polk and Orange counties failed to properly maintain voter rolls. They allege that thousands of mail-in ballots were received and counted that were associated with invalid addresses and that many voters appeared to have voted in more than one precinct.

Levine finished his detailed outline by saying that, “Local elected officials and stakeholders are part of the food chain. They support and defend their excessive influence over elections. There are no limits to what autocrats will do to retain control over the budgets funded by your tax dollars.”

Villagers for Trump will be hosting a dinner on Nov. 9 in which the featured speaker will be Dinesh D’Souza, who produced the election conspiracy movie, “2000 Mules.”

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