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Weddings have evolved through the years

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

Inasmuch as The Blond in the House and I have been married for quite a few years, I thought that the likelihood that we would be walking down the aisle was pretty slim. However, last weekend we did just that – in New York City no less.  Yep, we accomplished this in the Big Apple.  In fact, we were the first ones down the aisle.  The reason for this was that that our first grandchild got married.  Our oldest son and his wife have four handsome kids – two daughters and two sons.  However, they all are proponents of waiting much later than our generation to get married.  I am talking about waiting to very close to the thirty-age area.  When we were young, people thought they were crossing over into middle age when they hit thirty. Perhaps you recall the phrase, “Don’t trust anyone over 30”?

Despite all that, we were happy when one of our granddaughters decided to accept a proposal (of marriage).  She was aware that we had been fretting about fast losing any chance of seeing any great grandkids. We informed everyone that our senior friends had them and showed great glee in presenting photos of their great grandkids.  We were aware that we knew if we ever got any that they would be cuter than what we were being shown. Alas, though we had none to show.  We are hoping that perhaps one of these days we will.  At least now we have a fighting chance!

When The Blond and I were married we had a wedding followed by a reception in the church basement.  There the ladies of the church had prepared some finger food, drinks, and something sweet.  That was it!  Everybody stood around and talked until my best man and the groomsmen kept saying we should leave.  However, we did escape eventually and headed from Pittsburgh to the Poconos which were clear on the other side of Pennsylvania.

Ginny and Barry Evans at the wedding in New York
Ginny and Barry Evans at the wedding in New York

The wedding in New York City was a little different.  First, Chloe the beautiful bride did obviously feel sorry that we were waiting for somebody – anybody to get married.  It probably played a part in our walking down the aisle in front of the parents and the bride.  I am not certain how many grandparents get to walk down the aisle that way.  I would imagine that those present probably thought we were in lieu of flower kids, but then they noticed that we did not have any flowers to throw. Even at our advanced age we made it to our seats and the wedding proceeded.

Since this was a modern wedding there were many functions that occurred prior to the actual wedding.  For example, we took part in a Chinese Tea Ceremony. It was very formal with various relatives taking their turn.  The tea was good, too.  The reason for this was that the groom, Xavier is originally from Singapore where the ceremony is a custom. His mother and some other relatives also participated. There was also a rehearsal dinner as well as a wonderful reception meal after the wedding. (Nope, the church ladies did not serve finger food etc.) After all this you could tell who the senior citizens were – mainly us!

In any case, Chloe & Xavier are now a married couple, and we trust that they will have a long happy life.

Now, if some of the rest of the grandkids can take the hint, our chances for great grandkids will be even better!

Barry Evans is a columnist for Villages-News.com.

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