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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Rhetorical ranting is a pathway to energy suicide

To the Editor:

If someone intentionally shot themselves in the foot and accidentally struck an artery that caused them to bleed to death, they would be considered stupid and they should be. Our government policy of reducing and eliminating the critical energy resources of fossil fuels to promote a greater use of electricity that is already in short supply and is primarily produced by fossil fuels, is stupid. It’s silly, unwise and shows poor judgement. How are we going to support basic life needs without the fundamental energy resources required?
Try operating firetrucks, tugboats, fighter jets, ships, air lines, trains, farm tractors, combines, bulldozers, and cranes without fossil fuels. Our current government rhetoric and policies will bleed out both fossil fuels and electricity’s life’s blood energy resources. How about working on some practical goals using some reasonable ideas and rhetoric that will work rather than restricting and demonizing our essential life’s blood energy resources? The current ideological, rhetorical ranting is a pathway to energy suicide.

Robert Moore
Village of Rio Grande


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