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We need both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis

Suzanne Zimmerman

There are those who will fan the sparks from some remarks ill-chosen at the time, and there are those who will overlook them seeing the broader picture and goals to keep in mind: We need both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, each in their own sphere and best timing.

We need DeSantis to continue to focus on guiding and protecting our state of Florida and being a pied piper with a model for governors and legislators of red states through the chaos thrown at us by the Biden administration for the next two years; then to strongly support Trump’s 2024 ticket and America First Agenda to lay groundwork for a senatorial bid in 2026 to succeed Scott for 6 yrs. that will further strengthen his opportunities on the national stage. In the meantime, his children are becoming more self-sufficient to free up wife Casey to be the most effective First Lady when Ron runs in 2032 as Veep or President. Hopefully also in the meantime, he will gain some experiences and exposure with international affairs and players which he is lacking currently.

Trump has proven his ability to not only deliver on his promises to the American people while under constant heavy fire from the hoaxes and lies from the Left now being exposed for anyone paying attention and not kept in the dark by broadcast talking heads and leftist newspapers (even The NY Times has recently got it right with an occasional truth), but Trump has led our country through the land mines of world events and world leaders previously and continuing to disparage, criticize, threaten, undermine, and literally seek to overcome our country economically, militarily, and politically  to its ruin.

The land mines and threats aren’t going away and have in fact been heightened and encouraged by the weak and accommodating Biden leadership and administration domestically and with world leaders and events to an embarrassingly degree as well as threatening our national security.

Trump’s America First Agenda has led strongly with law and order for our safety, brokered and maintained international relationships to keep peace for our national security, and his administration has fostered regulations supporting industrial and agricultural businesses to raise our living standards and those in many struggling countries during his four years as President. Have you noticed all this has drastically slipped since he left office?

The support for traditional family values that all life is precious, for honest work for a reasonable wage to be self-supporting instead of depending on taxes from our neighbors, and for protection instead of persecution from government entities was the norm under Trump’s administration is sorely lacking in just two short years.

The Churchills and Pattons of this world were not sometimes easily likable, sometime rough around the edges, and could be like a bull in a China shop at times. But they were focused on the big picture in tough times with gifted minds and judgment – and pure grit – to lead through chaos, stand firm among world leaders and with threatening battles and world events baffling lesser minds. 

Trump has the courage in adversity already tested and proven to be sufficient for these times to lead us out of the brokenness and complicated mess we must deal with under Biden’s “progressive” bumbling in place of leadership. His honed business smarts with lessons learned with failures and missteps earlier in life account for a great deal when it came to running a country like a business; and his earning loyalty and gratitude from his business “family” with mutual admiration and support laid the groundwork for the relationships developed between Trump and his base to become the MAGA movement it is today and continues to thrive and grow with diversity among our population.

Trump is a warrior who doesn’t give up, and DeSantis is no doubt learning quickly and well from Trump’s examples. But we need a sure-footed, more widely battled-tested leader to overcome all the damage done to our economy and personal finances, to our personal and national safety and security, and to our self-respect as good neighbors at home and abroad. Keen learners like DeSantis will absolutely be required to help secure our future, but teachers like Trump are desperately  needed to lead for our present.

Yet there must be a partnership and common vision to carry us through the next two years to strengthen our determination to each serve our country in our individual capacities to provide a better world for our generations to come, and leave a legacy of a proud and prosperous nation under God. That has been and must continue to be the thrust and goal of the MAGA movement as lead by Donald J. Trump.

Suzanne Zimmerman is a resident of the Village of Charlotte. 

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