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The Villages
Saturday, November 19, 2022

Cutting costs could prevent increases in amenity fees

To the Editor:

Living in The Villages for 22 years, my 10 years employment in the Recreation Department and my wife working as a real estate agent has allowed us to know of the innerworkings of the District and the Developer.
Since my career as a business consultant I could see many cost-saving policies that could be implemented to help control the increases in the amenity fees. I have expressed these concerns a number of times but received no positive response. It is a matter of taking a hard look at item per item of the costs in every department of The Villages. The response is the usual, “If I don’t spend what I was budgeted for and I cut costs, they will cut my budget.” This is typical government budget talk and always the government needs to “increase” their budget! Maybe they need to cut COSTS from time to time as a business has to do at times to stay in business.  If anyone is interested in cost savings I will give you a list. Thanks for reading.

Terrance Wilson
Village of Santiago


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