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Saturday, November 19, 2022

More Villagers calling for elimination of anonymous complaint system

More Villagers are calling for the elimination of the anonymous complaint system now that data seems to support the argument.

Community Development District 5 has taken the bold step of ending the acceptance of anonymous complaints when it comes to deed compliance. CDD 5 supervisors on Friday reviewed data that appears to indicate that the move has ended “frivolous” complaints. Or as CDD 5 Chairman Gary Kadow has suggested, it has halted trolls and vengeful neighbors who manipulate the system.

“It’s time for all CDDs to follow CDD 5’s leadership and get rid of anonymous complaints. The proof is in the numbers,” said Donnie Hanberry of the Village of Fenney.

Villager George Graham agrees that the data suggests it’s time to end anonymous complaints.

“Now there is some history from CDD 5 as to what happens when the anonymous complaint system is eliminated, and only complaints from people and neighbors willing to give their name are pursued. It appears that the complaints dropped to about 10 percent of what they were, taking an unnecessary burden off the deed compliance department. I think that the other districts should also eliminate the anonymous complaints as well,” he said.

Jim Christie of the Village of Caroline hopes that supervisors in other districts are paying attention.

“I am in District 6, but I believe what District 5 did to eliminate anonymous complaints is what should be done throughout The Villages. Allowing people to file a complaint without responsibility is ridiculous and encourages frivolous or vengeful complaints  discriminating to a single household as we have seen numerous times as with the little white crosses,” Christie said.

Holly Black of the Village of Fernandina agrees that the practice of anonymous deed complaints should be eliminated throughout The Villages.

“We then could perhaps return to being, ‘the friendliest hometown,’” she said.

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