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Oren Miller’s attorney files motion for new trial after perjury conviction

Oren Miller
Oren Miller was booked Nov. 18 at the Marion County Jail.

Oren Miller’s attorney has filed a motion for a new trial after the former Sumter County commissioner’s perjury conviction.

The motion was filed this week in Marion County Court by Miller’s attorney, Dock Blanchard. The motion remains sealed from public view, at least for the moment.

Miller, a 72-year-old resident of the Village of Sanibel, has been held at the Marion County Jail since he was found guilty on Nov. 18. He will be there through the holidays and until Judge Anthony M. Tatti hands down the sentence, which could include prison time.

Miller’s wife, Angie Fox, said her husband is doing as well as can be expected considering the turmoil of the past many months.

“He thought he was going to walk out of there that day,” Fox said of that fateful day when the jury’s verdict was announced.

Angie Fox and Oren Miller, with their rescue dogs Doodle and Jaydon.

She said she and her husband were shocked by the conviction.

Since Miller has been behind bars, one of her greatest concerns has been getting her husband’s medication back on track as he lingers in jail. Miller requires medicine for his heart and thyroid.

She said the jailers have been “very kind” to Miller, who spent his professional career with Caterpillar in Illinois.

“He’s never gotten so much as a parking ticket,” Fox said. “He only wanted to help people.”

The perjury charge stemmed from interviews with the prosecutor’s office about phone calls Miller had with fellow former Commissioner Gary Search.

Miller and Search were elected to the Sumter County Commission in 2020. Their election came after a huge property tax increase in 2019 that was seen as a sweetheart deal for the Developer of The Villages.

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