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Friday, January 27, 2023

RN offers rebuttal to Villager’s complaint about bad hospital experience

To the Editor:

I am responding in regard to a letter written by a resident bad mouthing The Villages Hospital. As a practicing RN I must say that it is difficult these days to receive any sort of healthcare at a HOSPITAL, or EMERGENCY department immediately without it being a true emergency. While I do not doubt this resident had pain, he clearly states having three back surgeries prior, so this isn’t a new issue. Complaining about having to wait for pain medication and then not disclosing what was actually diagnosed and wrong is so unfair to then bad mouth a medical facility for not addressing your needs fast enough for something they deemed not a true emergency, hence the wait. Should they have stopped everything they were doing for other patients likely experiencing actual time sensitive emergencies such as stroke or heart attack to give this person pain medicine, absolutely not.
My point is there are universal codes for every patient coming into the ER, they are coded based on resources available, and the severity of the medical problem. Waiting four hours in an overpacked emergency department is actually pretty good for “back pain.”
I’m surprised they even got him a bed. A discharge with referral to neurosurgeon means whatever they found is not a life threatening emergency as they would have kept him otherwise until a neurosurgeon can see them. My best recommendation, instead of bad mouthing medical professionals for not serving you fast enough is to maintain your own health, be proactive if you KNOW you have potential for pain with a history of back problems, and keep in regular contact with your provider. Healthcare workers have been abused and treated like crap since covid and prior to. We do not make a lot of money and are subjected to abuse on a regular basis. Lastly, you do have the right to choose where you receive healthcare. Instead of calling an ambulance thinking you’ll get in quicker (a common misconception) have someone take you to a place you believe you’ll receive better care.
I sincerely hope this person is OK, and that whatever is wrong with his back gets resolved……taking your impatience out on a hospital publicly for not serving your non-emergency fast enough sounds immature, spoiled and entitled.

Laura Herrington
Creekside Landing


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