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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Village of DeLuna resident worried about safety problem at entrance gate

A Village of DeLuna resident is worried about a safety problem at an entrance gate where he lives.

Robert Black said the design of the gate must be “revisited.” The gate arms went operational this past week.

“The visitor lane merges with the residents’ lane 10 feet from the gates. The person manning the visitor gate opens that gate without much intervention. It is further back from the visitor check and that gate opens early while the resident gate is just starting to open,” Black said.

The gate at the Village of DeLuna
The gate at the Village of DeLuna.

He cited his own problematic experience at the gate.

“Twice now I met a visitor vehicle at this merge. This meeting was risky as the visitor did not yield, presumably because their path was straighter and the residents’ path merges to that lane. Instead of the opposite, which is appropriate,” he said.

Black said the gate attendant will have a lot of responsibility on his shoulders when working the gate.

“If a redesign is not done quickly it would then be appropriate for the gate guard to fill the role of traffic cop by not opening that gate while a resident is entering the community,” he said.

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