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The Villages
Monday, January 30, 2023

Long-troubled property in The Villages could see fines over fallen tree 

A seven-day notice to remove a fallen tree from a home on the Historic Side of The Villages was issued Wednesday by the Village Center Community Development District after the property was found in violation of community standards.

The owner of 923 St. Andrews Blvd. is deceased and ownership is  listed as the Hazel L. Cubeta Estate. Her son Paul Cubeta has a long criminal history.

This fallen tree is a problem at 923 St. Andrews Blvd.
This fallen tree is a problem at 923 St. Andrews Blvd.

The property came before the board on Oct. 12 for overgrown grass and weeds and a Dec. 5 inspection found it remained out of compliance due to the tree.

Utilities have been shut off with a balance due and property taxes were paid through 2021.

If the tree is not removed within seven days, fines of $150 plus $50 per day will be levied.

The case will be closed if the tree is removed within a week. The trustee is responsible for arranging an inspection to confirm compliance.

If the fines reach $1,500, the case may be referred to the district counsel to file a lawsuit or seek an injunction. The district also will seek reimbursement of all attorney fees, costs and expenses related to the case.


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