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We still enjoy sending and receiving Christmas cards

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

“Christmas Cards, Oh, Christmas Cards, how I love thee, Oh Christmas Card”!

As can be recognized this is a refrain from an old Christmas song.  At least I recall it as one which, I guess, is good enough for what I will be writing. It used to be a big deal to receive a hand written Christmas card from old friends and even the neighbor across the street.  In addition, the week before Christmas we had mail delivered twice a day.  That made receiving cards a big deal! Today, matters are more complex.  You have email cards and greetings that you can send in various ways over the Internet.  In fact, the Internet keeps you more in touch so the card with family information for the past year is often not needed.

However, in our case The Blonde in the House is a traditionalist so many cards will be headed out this year as in the past. True, there will be fewer than in the past if only for unfortunate reasons since many are no longer with us.  However, we send them one in memories. My memories as I have noted many times go way back.  When I was growing up you could send a big fat Christmas card for three cents.  I thought three cents was a forever price of postage.  Hoo, boy was I wrong. Back then though, we would every once in a while send a letter or card by airmail.  You had to buy a special stamp for that.  I believe they were six cents so we didn’t do it often. However, if cousin April ran off with a traveling salesman and ended up in California we would splurge.

Another good reason for using the Internet is the cost of cards.  Back in my well spent youth you could get a small packet of cards for a quarter, and for a dollar you got a huge box. The last time that I checked, the prices seemed to be a little different.  The Blonde has never been discouraged by a small matter like that. She solved the problem by having me make them on the computer.  True, the card stock. ink and the envelopes cost quite a bit more than finished cards did back in the day.  However, it does beat the cost of cards today so each year I develop a masterpiece of a Christmas card that goes out to those fortunate enough to be on our mailing list. The only unfortunate part is that the list still contains a bunch of good folks, and the cards must be put in envelopes which requires the new postage rates.  I suppose, that it might be worth it if it is our contribution to keeping the U.S. Post Office operating.  We have some nice mailmen around here, and we want them to enjoy a nice Christmas.

I will also have to say that we receive some nice cards from our friends.  Only a few of them are spectacular home made, but they are nice to receive. That is not to downplay the purchased cards that we receive as they are great too.  To rephrase Grantland Rice – “It matters not how you send the card, but how the thought behind them is created.”  Alright, that louses up Grantland’s comment, but I hope you get the idea.

I am not certain how the song at the beginning of this is viewed today.  However, I seem to hear quite a few people say they love “Grandma got run over by a reindeer.”

Times do change!

Barry Evans is a columnist for Villages-News.com

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