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Monday, January 30, 2023

Republicans refuse to do anything about George Santos

To the Editor:

The press, both mainstream and Fox, have glossed over the George Santos issue much too readily. George Santos is the most important figure in our divided nation. He has admitted – so there is no conspiracy here – that he is a liar to the very core. He has been a political figure elected on his constituents being led to believe that he is a person who he “isn’t.”
Yet Republicans refuse to do anything about it. This is the biggest test of the Republican party: do they support a person who represents everything that is reprehensible to the human race, or do they ignore it so they can hold on to something that they hope to have some inroads into the country. George Santos is the most reprehensible candidate to ever be presented, and yet the Republicans will not demand his resignation? He is everything that Jesus would say is wrong with humanity, yet leadership of the party will ignore it? They will hope it goes away, so that they can hold their majority? All Christians know in their heart that this is not following the Word of God. Please do not call yourself Christian, and then allow for this fabricator to actually serve as your representative.

Philip Sutton
Village of Belle Aire


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