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Wake up America!

To the Editor:

2016 Presidential Campaign Manager and Political Consultant Kellyanne Conway spoke at the Villages MAGA Club Rally and presented excellent insight to the culture of the Trump White House and significantly to the current rationale for President Trump’s candidacy in 2024:
When candidates promise what they’d like to do as president, voters would do best to compare them with the actual record of what President Trump did to improve our lives, our businesses, educational and economic opportunities for minorities in particular, and our safety from the world’s “bad actors” who seek to destroy individual and corporate freedom.
Kellyanne’s admonition: “Believe what YOU SEE and not what THEY SAY.”
Unfortunately, you won’t see the whole truth of what is going on outside our Villages’ bubble except on NewsMax TV or EpochTV, for example. Or check out various online podcasts with onsite reporting. Please, don’t take my word for anything said here.
There is a wealth of good information out there but you won’t find it from the Associated Press or Reuter’s global news agencies, or social media’s FaceBook, YouTube, or WhatsApp. (A whopping 60 percent of U.S. readers get their news from FaceBook!)
The other news sources on broadcast TV, including PBS TV and also NPR Radio, present “spins” as directed by the White House and FBI who have weaponized the media to divide our country. They cry “misinformation” and yet they are the ones who censor, misconstrue, or simply bury what’s really happening in our country: At our borders, in our children’s classrooms, to our economy, and on Hunter’s laptop exposing the Biden family’s lucrative arrangements with Chinese entities among other that also undermine our national security.
The conspiracies were actually thriving on the left of the political spectrum, accusing the right of what the left were doing in fact. $44 Million was a hefty lift but thank Elon Musk for paying that price to provide the actual e-mails exposing conspiracies against the American people, not just against Trump. (Don’t take my word for it—read them online for yourself.)
We learned this and much more from the exposure of published e-mails between the White House and FBI to and from Twitter.com executives to generate misinformation and censure or ban conservatives by 80 former FBI agents employed at Twitter.com that were sent during the recent years of COVID and leading up to the mid-term elections. To repeat a phrase from the so-called “conspiracy theorists” who were proved correct: “Trump was right.”
You may find his personality offensive (like that of many presidents historically); but Trump’s policies produced a thriving economy and freedom of opportunity with hope for every race, gender, income and educational level of American society. Despite the constant barrage of adversities accosting him, Trump stood strong and fought on behalf of the American people and a freer world.
Are you aware facial recognition at our airports has begun as the pre-cursor to controlling our mobility as already exists in China? Are you aware of our federal government plans with the digital dollar for our money system in the very short term in order to control our every purchase, able to block our access?
Do you know the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has independent police headquarters in some of our largest cities? Do you know strict Islamic Sharia law takes precedence over U.S. Constitutional law in Muslim enclaves of Minnesota and in largely Muslim populated areas in the U.S. where the freedoms of females are greatly restricted. WAKE UP AMERICA!
Again, don’t take my word for it. If you care about your country and the truth to help protect the future for our children and grandchildren, do your own research. Step outside your comfort zone for your news sources. No matter how many times FaceBook, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and Fox repeat the same lies and quote each other– it doesn’t make it true. WAKE UP AMERICA!
Then sound your alarm and dissatisfaction AND your expectations to your elected representatives. Complaining among yourselves does nothing to help your situation. Tell your state and federal officials with a quick phone call – they keep track of “for” and “against” legislation and issues from their constituents who they want to re-elect them.
Senator Marco Rubio – Orlando: 407-254-2473; D.C.: 202-224-3041
Senator Rick Scott – Orlando: 407-872-7161; D.C.: 202-224-5274
Congressman Dan Webster – Leesburg: 352-241-9220; D.C.: 202-225-1002
Keep those phone numbers handy to use at least weekly and share them with your friends. Make it the “new normal” in 2023 and beyond until we’ve taken back our country to become one we can be proud of and not be afraid of our own government that WE elected. We CAN make the difference to revive our republic.
Eric Bolling of NewsMax TV will give us another earful of truth sponsored by Villages MAGA Club on February 25th at Rohan Rec Center. Get your ticket, bring an open mind, and submit your questions for him ahead of time. Details will be published.

Suzanne Zimmerman
Village of Charlotte


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