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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Let me tell you about the people saving seats at the square

To the Editor:

Regarding the Issue of those who save seats in the squares while dancing or, even worse, when they go to eat and then return to their “saved” seats in the squares. Frankly, the only word for them is selfish, selfish, selfish!
It doesn’t matter if they live in The Villages or not. I myself had an experience with a group that “saved” around four seats at Spanish Springs Town Square. The square was very FULL that day because it was a holiday and there were no seats  left when I got there so I sat on a fountain ledge in back of those four saved and empty seats. I am in my 70s and handicapped, so I am grateful when I am able to get a seat.
After half and hour, the “saved seats” group showed up and I heard their comments about having had a very good dinner in a nearby restaurant. I became so angry about the gall of these people – two men and two women – to save their seats while they went to dinner. I and the rest of the other spectators respected their “saved seats” but next time I go to any of the squares I’ll just move their bottles or whatever they put in their empty seats so I can sit. If they can be selfish, so can I!
Note: Occasionally a group leaves someone “guarding” the seats, but I intend to ask them who they’re saving them for and where are they. Because everybody’s rights should be respected.

Lilia J. Rosado
Village of Summerhill


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