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The Villages
Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Stop complaining about rising amenity fees

To the Editor:

I read this news site every day and I’m sorry to say I truly do not understand why people keep carrying on about the amenities.
Costs are have gone up. No one likes anything to go up and the latest one was when someone suggest we charge for guest passes. Who is going to pay for them? I know if my children come out they’re not going to pay for it. I assume the same for the rest of you, but I could be wrong.
Instead of complaining about nonsense, why don’t you complain to the supermarket about the way eggs, milk, butter and bread have gone up. Guess you accept all that, but all you do is complain about amenities fees.
Yes, some of you’ve been here a long time and they have gone up, but so has everything else. Look at all the communities and you’ll find what we pay is significantly less.

Fred Rapp
Village of St. John


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