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Friday, February 3, 2023

It must have been the gremlins

Lisa DeMarco

It is terrible to think I am losing my mind. Still, I find comfort in blaming the “gremlins.” It sounds better than admitting I’ve simply gone bonkers. I prefer to believe that some mischievous little creature from another land intentionally interferes in my day. At least then, I’d know it isn’t me malfunctioning. Either way, my darling husband, Joey, still believes that I’m bat crap crazy.

Over the holidays, I rearranged some things in my home to decorate appropriately for Christmas. It was the first holiday in our new forever home. I talked Joey into volunteering to help me create an indoor “Winter Wonderland” for Jeremy during the break to enjoy.

Everything turned out lovely. Joey didn’t even have to break out a single tool. Other than his ladder and level. I purposely bought a giant box of various adhesive wall hooks so my hubby wouldn’t complain. However, to place our new Christmas tree in the most picture-perfect spot, we had to take a couple of pictures off the wall.

Oddly, after the holidays, when we took down the tree, I couldn’t find the two picture frames anywhere. They were frames with my grandson Jeremy’s most recent school picture. All my photos on that wall are in identical black frames. Yet, now I’m down two?

Joey and I both remembered clearly taking them down. But I checked all the spots I would have put them. Places like behind my china cabinet, under the television stand, or in any of the dozen storage boxes I just neatly organized for the second time in the garage. Still, I could not find them anywhere.

Two weeks into my hunt, they still needed to be found, and I needed help remembering which pictures I had misplaced. Even though I was technically on a search for the frames, I thought – for a moment – if I could visualize the images, I could find the missing portraits.

I had to go through my gallery on my phone just to make a mental note of which images I was even looking for. Had I done this sooner, I could have saved myself time and agony.

The pictures I had searched for – in every nook and cranny – for weeks already were hanging on the wall. No, they were not where I took them down from, but they indeed were not tucked away like I swore they were. They were instead neatly placed on a different wall as though they always belonged there. In plain sight, I never noticed them. More importantly, I couldn’t remember hanging them. But there they were the whole time.

By this point, I no longer cared. I was just grateful that I could finally put my feeble mind to rest, knowing that my quest had ended successfully.

Too bad now that I found the frames, and they look so good where they are, I didn’t want to move them, which prompted me to start a new quest. To search through all my photo albums for two new pictures worthy of being framed and hung in the now weirdly empty spots where the tree was.

After I finally figured it out, I couldn’t wait to brag to Joey, even if it made me look like a knucklehead. I had solved the mystery of the missing picture frames. But he did not believe the story I told to be true. He admitted that he could easily believe I could forget what I had done. But he recalls being with me the whole time I set up my wonderland, including when we set up the tree, and he did not remember hanging them. “If they’re on the wall, I must have put them there,” he kept repeating.

Not that he would have ever admitted that he had misplaced the memory of hanging them. No, not my hubby. Joey doesn’t have mental glitches like his loving better half. He is my logical brain. So, if he wasn’t playing around with me, who was?

“Look,” he said as he walked over to the first picture on the wall and reached up to grab it.

But instead of finishing his thought, his face turned an odd shade of white before he snatched the other frame off the wall.

“You good?” I asked, somewhat alarmed by his facial expression.

Then, I watched him turn and walk out of the room. He looked disturbed. “It must have been your darn gremlins,” he huffed. “Because I surely didn’t hang anything with these!” He declared – rolling two red plastic thumbtacks in the palm of his hand. “That I am sure of!” he added as he opened the front door.

Now, we were both confused. But I was happy we had found the pictures, and I got the chance to see my un-believing hubby dumbfounded!

“Welcome to my world,” I whispered as he walked out the front door, looking stumped.

Laugh on. Peace out!

Lisa DeMarco is a columnist for Villages-News.com

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