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This unique umbrella offers peace of mind amid unpredictable weather

Whether it’s a torrential downpour or a little drizzle, staying safe and dry is probably a top priority on rainy days. With this handy umbrella in tow, you can check both those things off your list. Unlike your typical umbrella, this smart gizmo is always one step ahead, providing you with secure protection with the addition of a built-in flashlight. Now, you can get it for just $29.99, which is 40% off the normal price.

Made by the same company that brought you the highly rated KeySmart key organizer the RainTorch umbrella features cutting-edge FiberCage™ tech to withstand ungodly winds and heavy rain, never turning inside-out or breaking under the pressure. And thanks to its easy open-and-close feature, the umbrella can extend or retract with the tap of a finger—no need to struggle while you get soaked in the rain. It even comes with a little cover to keep things dry when you’re not using it. 

This unique umbrella offers peace of mind amid unpredictable weather

In addition to shielding you from rain in the worst weather, this protective umbrella also boasts an unexpected feature: a flashlight. At the very tip of the umbrella’s handle, you’ll find a powerful flashlight that you can adjust to direct light wherever you need it. Not only is this feature great for lighting the way, but it also increases your visibility to other pedestrians and drivers.

Weighing less than a pound, the RainTorch is easy to tote, whether you wear it around your wrist via its attached fabric loop or pop it into your purse or backpack. And since it’s built to last, you can use this gadget year after year without worrying about having to buy a new one after each rainy or wintery season.

Earning 5 out of 5 stars, one verified purchaser raved, “Great product and great price. Perfect for the rainy season ahead…the LED light is a perfect touch.”

Keep yourself dry and protected this season and get the RainTorch umbrella with flashlight for just $29.99 (reg. $49.99). 

This unique umbrella offers peace of mind amid unpredictable weather
RainTorch Umbrella with Pivoting Head Flashlight – $29.99

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