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The Villages
Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Saving seats at movie theater

To the Editor:

I read a letter complaining that it was difficult to find a seat in the movie theater after arriving 11 minutes beyond door–opening time (because of difficulty finding a parking spot.) Attendees may be saving seats for companions who have gone to the rest room.
Perhaps the theater could provide an usher to help ticket holders find seats when the theater is “sold-out.”
They should not sell more tickets than the theater can hold.
My husband and I watched “Patton” from the first row in a movie theater because it was all that was available. Never again.

Rose Kehoe
Village of Gilchrist


They are draining off our Social Security increases

In a Letter to the Editor, a Village of Chatham resident is worried that the increase seen by seniors in Social Security was quickly taken by increases in gas, electric, water and amenities.

Where are we supposed to park?

A Village of DeSoto resident is getting his driveway finished and is worried about parking in the street after reading about a Wildwood ordinance. Read his Letter to the Editor.

Are you satisfied with the Bumbler in Chief?

A Village of Summerhill resident, in a Letter to the Editor, responds to a Villager who said she couldn’t vote vote for either Donald Trump or Gov. Ron DeSantis.

We pay a lot of money so why are the golf courses in such poor shape?

A Villager wonders why the golf courses are in such poor shape considering all the money residents pay for their upkeep. Read his Letter to the Editor.

Bonuses and bailout in SVB ‘robbery’

A Village of Caroline resident, in a Letter to the Editor, sees a Leesburg bank robbery will be arraigned in court, but will the Silicon Valley Bank officials walk away scot-free after collecting bonuses shortly before the bank’s failure?