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The Villages
Thursday, March 23, 2023

Response to workforce housing article

To the Editor:

In reading the article about workforce housing I think it must be said that Mr. Greg Beliveau is not an impartial speaker. Indeed, he makes his living by convincing towns to develop. Development in a retirement community should be more focused. Overgrowth of workforce housing is not sensible in this area. We lack even the basic needs families are looking for. A recent article even pointed out the Chick-fil-A remodel in Spanish Springs will be tearing out the children’s play center to focus more on the addition of another drive-thru lane. That is just one example of customer focus and it is not on young working families.
What about the conservation of small rural areas that produce goods and services for this area? Especially now while we are watching fixed income elderly and the poor paying $8 for eggs. In all his meetings I have attended or read about I have not heard anyone advocating for that. We need more opinions and expertise from persons outside this area that are unbiased. The reality is raising young families in this area will need a host of services and those services will take away from the focus on a retirement community that this area is supposed to be.

Pamela Fitchitt
Lady Lake


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