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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Where does Gov. DeSantis stand on Medicare and Social Security?

To the Editor:

With Rick Scott actively attacking Social Security and Medicare as entitlements (even though his prior company was guilty of ginormous Medicare fraud to the tune of about $1 billion), and the push to privatize Medicare via Medicare Advantage plans, I wondered what Gov. DeSantis’s view on these subjects are. His attacks on non-issues such as “grooming children,” book bans, and drag queens, hides his views on Medicare and Social Security.
DeSantis served as a U.S. representative from 2013 to 2018 and during this time was one of the founders of the House Freedom Caucus. As a founder and member of this group, he helped lead the effort to shut down the government over funding for the Affordable Care Act in 22013 and the same year voted to pass a budget resolution that would have cut more than $250 billion from Social Security and Medicare.
Has he changed his views — most likely not. Do we really need DeSantis and Scott in national government? I think not.

Dorothy Stephens
Village of St. Charles


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