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The Villages
Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Growth is destroying our quality of life

To the Editor:

The problem is GROWTH. Sometimes it just means more while defeating the quality of living.
Developers are building apartments like The Villages has a 10,000-person workforce, and just look at the landscape that Harold Schwartz and Gary Morse created being destroyed. It’s bad enough the current Morse team has exploded that landscape without any kind of traffic or medical plan for immediate use. The City of Wildwood has collected thousands of dollars in taxes over the last five years and yet has just announced a plan of revitalization for their broken-down downtown, authorizing large apartment complexes without a place for employment.
It seems we are caught in vicious circle.
I lived in South Florida for 10 years and watched city planner growth destroy lifestyle by packing lots of people into a community without real planning to provide quality living
I moved to The Villages in 2006 and I’m watching South Florida all over again!

Peter Capo
Village of Poinciana


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