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Thursday, March 23, 2023

South Sumter football mom sentenced in post-game parking lot attack

Jamie Powell Barnes
Jami Powell Barnes

A South Sumter football mom has been sentenced in a post-game parking lot attack.

Jami Powell Barnes, 44, has been placed on probation for one year and ordered to perform 60 hours of community service after pleading no contest this past week in Sumter County Court to a charge of battery.

She had been arrested this past September as the result of an altercation in the parking lot at South Sumter High School. Barnes got out of the passenger side of a Ram pickup and approached the driver’s side door of the other woman’s vehicle after the middle school football game, according to an arrest report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. Barnes put her cell phone into the woman’s vehicle and appeared to be recording. The other woman said Barnes struck her with her cell phone in the area of her neck and chest. Three witnesses verified the victim’s version of events.

Sumter County Court records show that Barnes was arrested in 2013 and subsequently ordered into anger management and told to write a letter of apology. In that incident, Barnes sent threatening text messages to her brother regarding his wife. In the text messages, Barnes called her sister-in-law a “crazy psycho b*tch” and threatened that, “Next time I see your two faced b*tch of a wife, no promises on what I do to her,” according to an arrest report. Barnes was arrested on a charge of stalking, but was allowed to enter into a pre-trial diversion program because she was willing to write the letter of apology and enroll in an anger management course. You can read the apology letter at this link: Jami Powell Barnes Letter Apology

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