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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Too much noise coming from church tent

To the Editor:

Sixteen years ago New Life Church bought our horse ranch on County Road 462 and we moved to Georgia. Three years ago I moved in with my father because my mother passed away and I didn’t want him to be alone. His house is still on 1 acre of our original property. All the churches around us are very beautiful, nicely kept and respectful. Until Encounter church and their white tent and horrific loud noise they call music resonates to all of these surrounding homes within, I am, sure a mile radius. It is so loud in our house you can’t hear our TVs. You can’t hear the music or what is being said all you hear is the bass and it sounds in your head. I don’t understand why they can’t turn it down. It goes on for nights out of the week. It is very disturbing, especially to the elderly. Our autistic son has a very bad reaction to loud noises especially the pounding. I have contacted, reached out to this church and no one has returned my calls no one has returned my emails they’re very disrespectful to the original people that lived on this beautiful used to be quiet East County Road 462. I am sure I am not the only one that has a concern and complaint about this place.

Denise Sanders
East County Road 462


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