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Attorney proposes solution for abandoned cars and golf carts in The Villages

A solution has been proposed for the longstanding problem of abandoned cars and golf carts in The Villages.

Attorney Kevin Stone, who serves as counsel to the Amenity Authority Committee and the Village Center Community Development District, said Wednesday he is working on a potential solution to the problem.

“The goal is to address cases we’ve seen over and over and over,” Stone said.

Too often, golf carts and cars have been left in parking lots at recreation centers and postal stations.

This golf cart has apparently been abandoned at Santiago Recreation Center
This golf cart was apparently abandoned at El Santiago Recreation Center.

For example, a golf cart was dumped last year at the El Santiago Recreation Center. Also in 2022, a maroon Cadillac SUV was found backed into a parking spot on the far side of the Savannah Center. It was there for several months. It was not the first time a vehicle has been abandoned at Savannah Center. In 2017, an abandoned vehicle with expired Arizona plates raised the ire of an elected official. It was there for nearly a year.

This Cadillac SUV appears to have been abandoned at Savannah Center
This Cadillac SUV was abandoned at Savannah Center.

Stone said he has done research to combat the problem. One option would be a lot of expensive signage, making drivers aware their vehicles could be towed.

“That’s not a good look for us,” Stone said.

However, he said the statute provides for “personal notice” giving the vehicle owner a warning that it could be subject to towing if it continues to remain in the parking lot.

“There is a whole process you have to have, including having a hearing,” Stone said of the governmental procedure to set the rules in place.

He said he hopes to have additional information within the next month.

The new procedure would be applied at the quasi-public parking at recreation centers and postal stations as well as the commercial areas. It would not be applicable at villas or residential areas.

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