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The Villages
Thursday, June 8, 2023

Illegal third world aliens will push the U.S. over ruinous cliff

To the Editor:

Irreparable, intentional damage is being done to America by encouraging illegal third world aliens, most of whom are unidentified or misidentified, to enter our country by the millions. They are not vetted yet incredibly the administration is shipping them to destinations all across the U.S. There are no enforceable requirements for these illegal people to identify who they are, where they will eventually reside or how they intend to support themselves. In 2020, why did the new administration abandon successful measures of entry control at the southern border and step on the accelerator of their open border initiatives? Do they intend to grant voting rights to these millions of illegal aliens who rely on welfare? Many of these illegals are criminals or illiterate or both. They’re unlikely to ever assimilate into our culture by learning to speak or read English, understand our civics and adopt our culture. Unfortunately, they will be vulnerable to Spanish speaking radio and television propaganda. This illegal alien madness doesn’t benefit everyday Americans’ or our country in any way. It’s driving our country over a ruinous cliff and must be stopped and reversed.

Robert Moore
Village of Rio Grande


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