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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

A Jersey girl’s dream come true

Lisa DeMarco

As springtime blossoms here in the Sunshine State, much like Bambi, Thumper, and all their little forest friends, I feel “Twitterpated!”

My birthday month has MARCHed in, and now all my calendars showcase breathtaking beach scenes and Daffodils. Not to mention, I feel a deep desire to bury my feet in the sand before jumping into the brisk water of the Gulf of Mexico. Merely so I can remind Mother Nature and Mother Earth how much I appreciate them allowing me to live in Paradise. It is genuinely this Jersey girl’s dream come true, especially witnessing the sun go down regularly beyond the shoreline.

In addition, despite Joseph’s sometimes reckless efforts to provoke both of us, I have managed to keep a positive enough relationship with sista Karma. So she has graciously allowed me to comfortably share the past 30 years loving my hubby, “The Big Ragu.” By fair means or foul, I will never know.

Even though times have gotten more challenging, and people are less kind, I find comfort in knowing I can always count on my Joey no matter what happens. My GI Joe is always prepared to protect and defend like a loyal, well-trained watchdog. He is my knight in shining armor. No, he doesn’t always see the rainbows or catch a glimpse of the unicorns, but he never fails to make sure I have time to let my guard down to see all my spectacular visions. 

“It’s my job to keep watch, and it makes me happy knowing you are happy,” he always says.

We have a careful balance between yin and yang that works very well for us as a couple – if you ignore the fact that we love to bicker. Nonetheless, our devotion to each other is happily ever after. Plus, after always being around princesses, I now get to mold a miniature “Prince Charming” from my grandson Jeremy. Giving Joey his rightful title as my King, which he proved yet again the other night wholeheartedly.

My grandson Jeremy and I had just finished a play date at a local community park we had never been to. We were about 1.4 miles from the restaurant where Grandpa works. A bustling establishment we do not usually dine at. Although we have been seen in cameo appearances a few times over the last year to say hello, we have never shown up in the middle of the rush or during happy hour. 

By the looks of the parking lot, I knew we should drive away, but Joey had just worked three doubles in a row, and Jeremy was dead set on a quick visit. He understood the rules. In and out, quickly and quietly. “We’ll fill Grandpa’s bucket with warm fuzzies and give him lots of air hugs. Then we exit without distracting him!”

But that wasn’t the situation at all. Even though the restaurant was on a two-hour wait with guests clustered everywhere, Joey saw Jeremy at the end of the bar, and he immediately cleaned off a dirty table for us to sit at. I was astonished that he would give up a paying/tipping four-top to let me and the little man eat for free. Yet he did it with a smile – just before publicly introducing us to all his regulars at the bar. Feeling like red carpet royalty, Jeremy and I barely sat down before at least three of Joey’s co-workers and as many patrons walked over to make our acquaintance. A few told me, “I deserved a saint award for being Joe’s better half.” 

I responded, as I always do, “I stay with him because I really like to look at him! He is quite a handsome devil.” 

Lucky for me, my sweetheart is like a well-aged Chianti – a pleasure I frankly continue to enjoy. Besides, after all these years, I might as well enjoy the fruits of my labor because I now own the vineyard outright. 

Laugh on! Peace out!

Lisa DeMarco is a columnist for Villages-News.com.

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