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Wildwood Vineyard owner contends noisy neighbor ruining weddings

The owner of Wildwood Vineyard & Events contends a noisy neighbor is ruining weddings held at her outdoor venue.

Keisha Santana Doak, owner of the vineyard located on County Road 462, spoke out Tuesday evening before the Sumter County Commission at Everglades Recreation Center.

Wildwood Vineyard Events offers weddings in an outdoor setting
Wildwood Vineyard & Events offers weddings in an outdoor setting.

Doak apologized to the commissioners before she played a video recording on her phone of a noisy air horn. Doak said her neighbor, whom she did not name but indicates raises horses, sounds the air horn during events, including weddings.

“Obviously, it’s hurting business,” Doak said. “I am at my wit’s end.”

It does not appear that the county has the authority to step in and help in this situation.

“People are still doing agricultural activities in that area,” said County Administrator Bradley Arnold.

Noise falls into a “protected” activity, he said.

He suggested that the business might want to obtain an attorney and explore civil action.

Wildwood Vineyard & Events is one of two wineries in Sumter County, Arnold noted.

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