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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Random thoughts after living here one year

To the Editor:

We have been here one year now, some random thoughts:
The Villages has too many snow birds, quit making this place so attractive to them, make it more like Odessa, Calcutta, Detroit. Who do they think they are? Wanting to come here after WE got here?
Way too many things to do here! Can’t they cut it back to cards, puzzles occasional charades? Too much activity at night, don’t people know how dangerous it is to be out after the sun goes down? There are too many Squares, can’t we have one Big One, and activities only on Saturday like the rest of the world. Maybe occasional holiday?
Agree with the dude wanting to wear Tee Shirts on the golf course, would include gym shorts, thongs(both kinds), even pajamas. Speaking of Golf, the Tee time system is too complicated for us old people, can’t we just go back to first come, first serve by telephone?
These roundabouts are crazy, go back to four way stops so we can catch up on texts like we did waiting in Houston.
Golf carts go too fast, don’t people know the polite and safe speed is 10 mph, maybe if they don’t pave the paths, it would slow it down.
All this foolish dancing, dating, and happy hours, we are old! Stay home, act your age and watch TV.
Can’t believe all these people doing all this work around here use our bathrooms, can’t they use the gas stations, or just hold it until they go home?
Way too many places to eat and shop. Can’t there just be a big cafeteria, and giant Walmart?
Will everyone quit being so nice! We’re old, we don’t have to do that anymore.
Other than that, we kind of like it here, gotta go, have a tee time!

Daniel Rowe
Village of Chitty Chatty


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