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Villagers fed up with living with consequences of neighbor’s fire

Villagers are fed up with living with the consequences of a neighbor’s fire.

The home of James and Christine Noonan at 3000 Luraville Road in the Village of Gilchrist was destroyed by fire in March 2022.

A year later, not a single nail has been driven to build a new home.

Neighbors attended Thursday’s Community Development District 9 Board of Supervisors meeting at SeaBreeze Recreation Center to complain about the problem.

Jim and Christine Noonan and their two dogs escaped a blaze that consumed their home in The Villages
Jim and Christine Noonan and their two dogs escaped a blaze that consumed their home in March 2022.

Neighbors have had to cope with the burned-out shell of a home, an “ugly” fence, empty pool, weeds and now an empty lot.

Noonan received Architectural Review Committee approval this week for the construction of a new home. The Noonans’ deadline set previously by the CDD 9 Board is May 18 for the new home to be completed. It is clear that the deadline will not be met.

The neighbors said the Noonans have purchased a home in the Village of DeLuna. The Sumter County Property Appraiser’s website indicates the home’s sale price was $458,900.

“We sit and look at an empty lot. It’s been one year and we are still waiting,” said Penny LaCasse, who lives near the Noonans’ empty lot on Luraville Road.

Village of Gilchrist resident Dan Warren said the board needs to be prepared to take action.

“This man has had plenty of time that he has wasted,” Warren said.

CDD 9 Board Chairman Jack Reimer said the board has had sympathy for the homeowner because of the fire.

“There is a lot of compassion when someone loses their home. I think we tried to be compassionate,” Reimer said.

It’s clear that the board is running out of patience and compassion.

“It feels like we have been taken advantage of,” said Supervisor Steve Brown.

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