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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Wildwood man jailed after violating court order in attack on lady friend

Atlas Christopher Bouie
Atlas Christopher Bouie

A Wildwood man has been jailed without bond after violating a court order issued after an alleged attack on his lady friend.

Atlas Christopher Bouie, 35, was taken into custody Wednesday night by Sumter County sheriff’s deputies. He was wanted on warrants after skipping a court date in connection with charges of battery and false imprisonment from an October arrest. As Bouie was taken into custody, a deputy spotted the woman Bouie had been charged with attacking.

Once the deputy got Bouie to the jail, the deputy checked with detention staff to see if a a no contact order had been issued after the alleged attack in October. Detention staffers found that a no contact order had been issued and Bouie had apparently violated the judge’s order by coming in contact with the woman.

In that October incident, witnesses said they heard Bouie and the woman arguing, according to an arrest report. The woman’s son said she saw Bouie dragging his mother by the arm and leg.

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