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Friday, June 9, 2023

Residents contend short-term renters want Villages lifestyle without long-term commitment

Short-term renters are a hot-button topic, especially during Snowbird Season when lines are long, traffic is congested and tempers are short.

Village of Buttonwood residents recently made it known that they aren’t happy that a home was recently purchased in their neighborhood for the sole purpose of short-term rentals.

Many residents, who bought their homes and settled into a comfortable lifestyle, say they are the ones paying the price for the revolving door at investment properties in their neighborhoods.

“Short-term renters are truly here for a brief vacation or visit. Apparently, there are no age restrictions or requirements to learn how The Villages works. We are a very large community of mostly retired people. Most of us respect that and understand that there are residents of varying ages and physical capabilities. A short-term renter may not quite understand the situation or respect it,” said Tom Ruhmann of the Village of Dunedin.

Janet Cisewski of the Village of Virginia Trace said there are several rentals in her neighborhood and she doesn’t like it.

“Besides a large amount of large dogs running around, we have to put up with large/small moving vans coming and going, and lots more traffic. Also there is more servicing trucks going to these rentals. Let’s get rid of rentals,” she said.

Peter Capo of the Village of Poinciana said there should have been provisions in the deed restrictions with limitations on rentals.

“The name of this community is The Villages, not The Vacation Place!” Capo said. “The only justifications for snowbirds is if they were here all year round the poorly planned infrastructure would be burdened 12 months a year.”

However, Villager Edward Diamantis said rentals are an important part of the fabric of The Villages.

“Short-term rentals to younger people with children is how some of us stay connected to children and grandchildren in retirement. Short-term rentals of our own homes is how we afford to go elsewhere from time to time in retirement. Laws and rules preventing a company to do the same will, like all laws seem to do, negatively impact us little guys more,” Diamantis said.

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