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Monday, June 5, 2023

Pro-Trump demonstration wins honks of approval in The Villages

Supporters of former President Trump demonstrated Tuesday afternoon at one of the busiest intersections in The Villages.

The Trumpers received plenty of honks of approval from passing vehicles at County Road 466 and Morse Boulevard where they hoisted high both Trump flags proclaiming that Trump won the 2020 election and the stars and stripes.

Some demonstrators proudly wore shirts which proclaimed “Trump did nothing wrong” while others waved signs at passing motorists proclaiming the need to “Take America Back.”

A Trump supporter waves a flag during Tuesday demonstration in The Villages
A Trump supporter waves a flag during Tuesday’s demonstration in The Villages.

The demonstration was put together by Laura Loomer, with the help of members of Villagers for Trump. She said that she was very pleased with the 70-plus turnout for the demonstration.

“This is the most pro-Trump area by density in Florida and always turns out to support President Trump,” Loomer said.

The motivation for the rally for Trump was “to take a stand against this illegal and unprecedented witch hunt against Donald Trump which is nothing more than an attempt to interfere with the 2024 presidential election,” Loomer said.

When Loomer ran for Congress against incumbent U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster in the 2022 GOP primary, she won Sumter County. Now, her goal is to help Trump win Sumter County in 2024.

Suzanne Zimmerman left waves her Re Elect Trump sign.
Suzanne Zimmerman, left, waves a sign during the demonstration in The Villages.

Suzanne Zimmerman of the Village of Charlotte, who belongs to four Republican organizations including Villagers for Trump, proudly proclaimed that she was demonstrating to show her support for Trump. She displayed a large homemade sign urging the re-election of Trump and to “Make America Great Again.”

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