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The Villages
Monday, June 5, 2023

Revenue should easily support care of championship courses

To the Editor:

It is mind boggling the conditions of our championship courses here in The Villages. Considering the following that approximately at $50 a round equates to $200 per foursome for each tee time. With 10 championship courses having 27 holes, that comes out to approximately $600 per course for every tee time. With about 16 tee times per wave, that is approximately $9,600 for the morning wave, then the same amount again for the afternoon wave. That’s $19,200 coming into their kitty every day. Now add in the 3 courses that only have 18 holes which equates to approximately $6,400 per wave or $12,800 a day. That’s approximately $32,000 a day coming into their pockets. With that amount you would think they should be able to provide the necessary fertilizer, labor, equipment, etc., needed to give us decent conditions to play on and be proud of to bring guests into play.

John Herman
Village of Calumet Grove


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