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The Villages
Monday, June 5, 2023

Lake County resident doesn’t welcome further encroachment by The Villages

To the Editor:

As Lake County is where I was born and raised and watching The Villages consume land and developing The Villages and bringing people from other states and countries to live on the land in their $500,000 homes and pay amenity fees was their choice. Don’t forget there were many families that thrived on farming here and to be charged as a hometown resident to go to the square is ridiculous. The Villages have brought a lot of people but maybe Toll Brothers will build a Toll booth at every entrance to The Villages. Then maybe Walmart should put up a Toll Booth for those who shop there.
Fun for all! Not just The Villagers. This is not Disney World. We don’t swim in your pools or play pickleball.
Stop trying to discriminate against those who were here before The Villages were even thought about.

Darlene Duckwitz
Lake County


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