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The Villages
Monday, June 5, 2023

The Villages’ expansion is destroying everything in sight

To the Editor:

We moved to Summerfield approximately 10 years ago to escape the northeast. At first it was fine but now The Villages expansion is destroying everything in sight. Roads are impossible due to ever expanding medical facilities and chain stores. Once there was Sam’s and now there is BJs and others. We are not part of The Villages community but they sure control our lives and many other lives.
Living in Spruce Creek South is fine but once you leave the community all hell breaks loose. Traffic is impossible. Roads are being expanded everywhere. It appears greed has taken over and it is getting worse. Next they will reach for the Gulf. How much money do the incorporators need. The accidents near Walmart, BJ’s, Wells Fargo, Cracker Barrel are frequent. My car was totaled going to Wells Fargo. When will the insanity end?

Richard Wailionis
Spruce Creek South


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