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The Villages
Monday, June 5, 2023

We cannot even get a tee time

To the Editor:

My parents have lived here for at least 16 years. I have moved here now to help my mother out because my father passed away. I have been golfing as a guest with my neighborhood group for many years, and we haven’t had a problem. Now, our neighborhood group of 12 has been denied a tee time four times since snowbird season has started. I feel that this is unfair and I can’t understand it. We were promised free golf but we are having to go off campus to play 9 holes. I think it is ridiculous that our year round group can’t get a tee time once a week! I put 30 courses in to my request and get nothing? Are you kidding? Remember who got you where you are today, and keep your promises, Founders. Build more executive courses to keep up with the growth of this community, and stop giving preference to renters and seasonals.

Cindy Walczak
Village of Rio Ranchero


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