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The Villages
Friday, June 9, 2023

Natives struggle with the tidal wave of The Villages

To the Editor:

I read all of the comments on Villages-News.com and it is becoming more and more obvious that the expansion in our area has gone wild and the snowbirds that came here to live their dream are not happy and their dream has gone by the way of greed.
Now try to see the point of view of those of us who were born here.
As a kid the area was perfect and we had all that we needed and most folks knew each other. We had community pride and our sports teams were supported by the community and we had pride in being part of the team. But then the first wave came and looked at us with pity and decided that we needed saved from our pitiful lives. (Oh, thank you so much.) So they came and they came and then excluded us from their perfect lives. Do any of you remember banning us from Katie Belle’s?
Can we play on your softball teams?
Well, I think you all are just starting to feel some of the things that we felt in the beginning but you see it is no longer our home even though we still live here and I for one don’t care if you fight amongst yourselves because that is most likely how you lived up north and you brought your ways with you instead of learning to live like the people that you came to save.
Oh one more thing, we only blow the horn to say “hello” to someone on the porch. Maybe you could try that.

Dennis Wallace


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