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Convicted rapist from Georgia moves into home in The Villages

Jason Adam Osterhout,
Jason Adam Osterhout

A convicted rapist from Georgia has moved into a home in The Villages.

Jason Adam Osterhout, 49, has registered an address at 702 Royal Palm Ave. in the Village of Silver Lake, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

He was convicted of raping his wife in 2002.

On the night before the 2001 attack, Osterhout’s wife told him that she wanted a divorce. The following morning, she was awakened when Osterhout climbed onto the bed, straddled her, and handcuffed her hands together.  She screamed for him to stop, but he also tied her feet to the bed with a rope.   Osterhout told his wife that she would make things harder by struggling, but she continued to fight him. After he finished tying his wife to the bed, Osterhout held a “black handled butcher knife” to his wife and had sexual intercourse with her. The knife caused several superficial cuts to her neck. Afterward, Osterhout picked up a .22-caliber rifle and threatened to kill her;  he then pointed the gun at himself and said that he would make her watch him die. He told her that if he could not have her, no one would and that if she left, he would give her something to remember him by.

Osterhout put the gun down, but picked up the knife again and struck his wife with the knife handle several times. He turned away and started punching the bedroom wall with the knife.   When he was facing the wall, his wife managed to escape from the ropes around her feet and ran out of the house. Osterhout did not attempt to stop her. Osterhout’s wife ran to a nearby neighbor’s house and called 911. When the police responded, Osterhout refused to come out of his home. The police were able to talk with him via a fire band radio in Osterhout’s home. Osterhout talked with one of the officers through an opened back window, and said that he was going to kill himself. The officer observed Osterhout drinking what appeared to be rubbing alcohol and beer, and taking ibuprofen and cold pills. Osterhout gave the officer a suicide note. After Osterhout threatened to cut his throat, and put the gun barrel in his mouth, the police used a concussion grenade to gain entry, and then arrested Osterhout.

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