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The Villages
Thursday, June 8, 2023

Sneaky troll caused major inconvenience even though we followed proper procedure

I am supportive of the proposed complaint process as outlined in Community Development District 4 and feel this should be adopted by all districts.

This “troll” complaint system has gotten out of hand. It has become abusive and can often waste manpower in checking the complaints.

We had someone complain about cutting down a tree instead of asking us if we had gone through proper channels, which we had. It took an employee a phone call and trip to our home to see the documentation that we had.

Here is my complaint: An employee was to come by and see our documentation and never showed up at the arranged time. 

That was a big inconvenience to us as we rearranged our day to wait for him to come. Finally, after a phone call we found out he was off that day (after setting up the time with us.) That wasted our day when we could have planned something else with family. 

This all could have been avoided if the complaining person asked us directly. They waited until the tree was completely taken down, which took two days.

Janet Gagne is a resident of the Village of Polo Ridge.

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