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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Villager armed with broom allegedly causes laceration to man’s head

Mark Alan Muldoon
Mark Alan Muldoon

A Villager armed with a broom allegedly caused a laceration to a man’s head.

Sumter County sheriff’s deputies were called at about 9:30 p.m. Saturday to a home in The Villages, the location of which was redacted from the arrest report due to the privacy of the victim.

The man told deputies that 59-year-old Mark Muldoon, who resides with him, began swinging a broom at him in the garage of the home they share. The man grabbed Muldoon to try to prevent the Chicago native from striking him. Muldoon pushed the man and he fell to the ground, hitting his head against a metal hand saw. There was blood on the saw when deputies arrived on the scene.

Muldoon was arrested on charges of simple assault and battery. He was booked on $5,000 bond at the Sumter County Detention Center.

Muldoon has a long troubled history here in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown:

• In 2021, Muldoon was arrested after head-butting a man in a dispute over a cell phone.

• In 2020, Muldoon was arrested after paying an unwanted visit to Spanish Springs Town Square.

• Muldoon had been banned from the square in 2015. That year, he was sentenced to 30 days in jail after a woman complained to a police officer that he had been grabbing at women’s arms and asking them to dance while at the square. 

Muldoon has had numerous other arrests, most of them stemming from intoxicated behavior.

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