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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Snowbird who winters in The Villages wins $12,000 on Wheel of Fortune

Sandy Brown is a Villages snowbird, who grew up with a passion for Wheel of Fortune that she shared  with her parents — Arnold and Janet Brown.

On Thursday Sandy appeared on the national TV show with Pat Sajak and Vanna White. She finished third, winning $12,000 but the appearance was worth more than money.
She told Sajak that her father is 92, and mom is 88, “and I grew up watching Wheel of Fortune with them” and we loved the show.

Villager Sandy Brown on Wheel of Fortune
Villager Sandy Brown on “Wheel of Fortune.”

Brown and her husband, Terry Kubalak, spend the summer months in Breezy Point, Minnesota. They escape the winter in their home in the Village of Marsh Bend.

She seemed right at home on stage with Pat and Vanna, and her experience playing against her parents helped.

“I would always beat both of them,” Brown told the Pineandlakes Echo-Journal, a weekly newspaper in Minnesota. “I’m pretty good at the game and every time I was with him, my Dad would go: ‘Sandy you need to get on that show.’”
Brown is a former newspaper reporter and she and her husband flew to California to tape the show in March. She also sings and dances, and has appeared on stage many times.

But spinning the wheel is her biggest performance of all time.
“I wish everyone could experience that once,” she told the Echo-Journal. “Now I look at the show completely differently than before.”

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