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The Villages
Thursday, June 8, 2023

Those making complaints should have some skin in the game

To the Editor:

Have been reading about proposed changes to the complaint system and fully agree that the complainant should have to be from same village where the property complained of is located. If the rest of the neighborhood has no issue then why should an outsider?
One other suggestion and this I feel would cut down on volume of complaints filed by any one individual (such as the recent dump of 40 at one time) ;and that is a fee of $25 per complaint, reimbursable if standards finds it legitimate, and forfeited if it is not sustainable. Let the complainant have to “put some skin in the game” and maybe they will think twice.
The Villages charges a fee for “bulk waste removal” and I suspect a lot of these complaints are also “waste.”

Philip Rogers
Village of Chatham


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