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The Villages
Wednesday, September 27, 2023

We need to find a way to get the trolls under control

To The Editor

Like everyone else who has purchased a house in The Villages we all signed an agreement to maintain our property! I think the whole idea is being blown way out of proportion allowing trolls to be anonymous, obviously these certain people like to cause hate and discontent and they feed on the negativity that it presents.
What ever happened to the time of just speaking nicely to a fellow neighbor? Maybe they might have a good reason for not complying? Why can’t we just live in harmony and enjoy the precious time we have left?
The world we all live in is not perfect. I guess I would vote for the change presented it’s definitely heading in the right direction, anonymous reporting should have never been allowed to happen look at the problems it has caused!
Trolls are like a parasite they feed on misery!

Steve Peryea
Village of Lynnhaven


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