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The Villages
Thursday, June 8, 2023

Response to children and felons and renters living in The Villages

To the Editor:

In regards to the Letter to the Editor, expressing concerns for children, felons and renters of various ages all living in The Villages, I must comment. This is a “Real Life” community not your personal opinion of what a “Heaven on Earth” community should be. All communities have felons that have paid their debt to society living among those that have not experienced prison time. Thank God that all communities have children among them because they remind us of what laughter sounds like. Rentals have always and will always exist and I am thankful that my children and kinfolks have options to stay close to me while visiting. I am a full time resident and so thankful to live in a vibrant, well manicured, friendly retirement community that is far from heaven but still a wonderful place to call home. Let’s all count our many many blessings with thankfulness in our hearts. No matter where we choose to live, there will always be opportunities to complain about less than perfect scenarios.

Nancy Martin
Village of Rio Grande


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